Jakub Tokarczyk

Jakub Tokarczyk was born on 1992 May 9th. Grew up in the village of Przyszowa/Poland. He graduated from the State Music School on the accordion, taught himself to play the piano. Started compose from an early age exploring on his own, accompanied vocalists and played in a wedding band.
In 2015 he formed his own music band Mob, in which he was a songwriter, vocalist and pianist. 
In 2018 founded a YouTube channel “My Home In Cracow” where he plays Polish piano music and sells sheet music of his own arrangements.
In 2017, he began composing music for ballet and theater and later for film and animation.
In the spring of 2021 he settled in Paris wanting to improve his technical skills and find his own unique style, and fulfill dreams of a musical career. 
From 2022 piano jazz student in conservatory in Gennevilliers.



I compose music for films, animations and computer games. Using professional music creation software, digital instruments plugins or writing scores for orchestra I create moods and ambiance depending on the scene and the director’s needs.
For more information see my portfolio and contact me.


I love performing live, it gives me immense satisfaction. I like to improvise, play Polish, French, American pop, jazz, classical but also traditional and oriental music. Contact me for more information.


I’m giving privet piano, music theory and composition basics lessons in the Polish, English and French language.

Artist Statement – Jakub Tokarczyk pianist, composer

The task of the artist is to pose questions, but not necessarily to provide a solution. Just asking a question, making the viewer think and attempting to answer it helps a person grow and enrich themselves. An artist should pose questions through new projects, realizations, and experiments. This is how the idea of expressing something in an original, different way is created. This is what forms an artist’s own language and character.
How can I, as a musician, stimulate the listener to think, and thus enrich their inner world and understanding of art and culture?

We should talk about music as something metaphysical. After all, it doesn’t really exist in a material way. It’s just waves sent out at a certain frequency and ordered accordingly in time. Different structures produce different results; dissonance, consonance, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics. It stimulates our imagination. And it is imagination that attracts me most to music.
When I hear music, I imagine structures, levels, colors, and images, and this translates into the story I create when composing: emotions, moods, moments, situations, and incidents. I am in the story, and I create it, and it gives me great satisfaction and happiness.

As a pianist and composer, my passion is to create music that tells stories and stimulates the imagination. I specialize in creating illustrative music for films, animations, and commercials, and my compositions are characterized by original arrangements and wonderful melodies. My inspiration comes from the music of Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino and Disney, and my works are in a similar style. I try to use a variety of instruments and techniques to evoke emotions in listeners that best suit each story.

In my music, I try to combine traditional motifs with a modern sound to create a unique atmosphere. All of my compositions are carefully crafted, and every sound has meaning and affects the perception of the entire composition.
My goal as an artist is to create music that not only fits perfectly with the image, but also enriches its content and emotions. I want my music to be memorable and recognizable, and I would love to have the pleasure of working with different artists and directors in the film industry.